Something New from Facebook…Again


So I read something the other day (and you may have heard about this) that Facebook is now allowing brands (i.e. Pages) to create posts directed at specific parts of their fan base which will only show up in the News Feeds of those fans and nowhere else – including the actual Page. So, what does this really mean and it is a good thing for small businesses? At first I thought – oh no, I don’t want to be getting ads in my news feed – but then I thought about it some more and I realized that’s not … Read More

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Is Your Business Listed?

getlisted logo

Is your business listed?  What exactly do I mean by that?  You’re probably thinking that of course your business is out there – it comes up when you do a search for it online, doesn’t it?  Well that may be true and that’s important, but this is something else. What I’m talking about are all the local listing places that are available on the search engines and other listing sites.  These are places (like Google Places and Yahoo Local) where you can sometimes add all sorts of information about your business making it a little easier for people to find … Read More

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How to Get Past the Twitter “Following 2000″ Limit

Twitter Create List Box Image

So a really great thing happened the other day – a friend of mine had a problem with her Twitter.  It seems that she was trying to follow me (@launchitmedia), but Twitter wouldn’t let her.  In figuring out what the issue was, I came across a really terrific idea in a comment on a blog post from a year ago.  It was such a good idea that I am passing it along to everyone! First, though, let’s get to the root of the problem.  The overall issue was that she was at her limit of following 2000 people on Twitter. … Read More

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Book Award Nomination!

Book Award Nomination

So today I’m doing a little self-promotion. Don’t worry, it won’t be long Hopefully, you all know about the book I’ve written called Social Media for Small Business: Planning It Out, Setting It Up and Making It Work.  If not, then just click on the cover image below to go to the web page with more information about it (it will open in a new window so you won’t lose your place here). Well, I’m very excited right now because my book has been nominated for an award on Small Business Trends in the Social Media category! So now I … Read More

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LinkedIn: Editing Your Products Page

LinkedIn Logo Image

Now we are at the third and final post in this series.  We’ve already talked about Adding Your Company and then Adding Your Products and Services and we learned that one of the things that happens when you add a product or service is that it creates a Product Listing or Overview page.  This page can also be edited and that’s what we’re going to go through today. To get to this new screen, just go to your Company from the drop-down menu at the top of any LinkedIn screen and then click the link for Products.  Now that you have … Read More

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LinkedIn: Adding Your Products and Services

LinkedIn Logo Image

For Part 2 of this short series, we are going to learn how to add products and services to the Company that we created for our LinkedIn profile.  If you missed that first post, just click here to read that one first. This part is quick and easy enough as far as adding a single product or service – there’s just a single screen, although it is a bit long (like the Add Company screen).  However, if you’ve got a number of products and/or services to add, it is probably a good idea to get everything together and plan out … Read More

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LinkedIn: Adding Your Company

LinkedIn Logo Image

This is the first in a series of three posts that will show you how to add your company and product/service information to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has recently added some new options to these areas and you can really create a stand-out Company Profile. It’s not too complicated, but there are a number of steps and that’s why I’ve split this up into three separate articles. The second one will be on Adding Your Products/Services and that will post this week on Wednesday. (UPDATE:  Part 2 is up so click here to read it!) Then, the third will be … Read More


Social Media Tip – Making Connections


So recently I found out about a great new site where you can make connections between other sites that you are using.  It’s called IFTTT which stands for “If This, Then That” and what happens is that you say “If THIS happens, then do THAT”. An example would be – “If I add a post to my WordPress blog, then post it on my Facebook page.” They call this a “recipe” and you can create as many recipes that you want among 59 different sites.  From the Home page at you’ll want to click on the Learn More link … Read More

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The Best Social Media Advice You’ll Ever Get

Hello!!  If you read my blog on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis, then you’ll know that it’s been awhile since I’ve posting anything.  I’ve been fighting an eye infection which has taken some time and two different medications to clear up, but I am finally cured!  Hallelujah!  The infection and the side effects of the eye drops made it difficult to concentrate, but I am definitely back now!  So…let’s get going… As the title suggests, I truly believe that the following information is the best advice I can give on social media.  It all comes down to the basics … Read More

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Engaging Your Customers with Social Media, Part 5

social media planning

Hello everyone!  As I said last week, this will be the last post in this series on Engaging Your Customers.  Previous posts have concentrated on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube so if you missed any of those, just click on the one you want to read it now. This final article will give you some general tips and ideas for engaging other users on any social media site that you want to use.  It’s pretty simple, but you can break it down into steps to make it easier to think about.  Basically, there are 6 steps that you want to … Read More

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